About Naturals4Naturals

Two daughters and their mother were tired of checking the labels of “natural” products and still seeing so many ingredients that were not truly “natural,” so they came together to create Naturals4Naturals by IveyDale.  We are a team of three women (surrounded by loving family) collectively known as IveyDale (our last names + mother’s maiden name) who are committed to adding more natural and organic products to your kitchen, medicine cabinet, and your life.

In our first year, we focused on making our own branded natural personal care products and quickly realized that wasn't enough. Too many people don't have access to products with safe ingredients, so we decided to create an online marketplace for other all natural and organic companies to list their products.

Naturals4Naturals is the only US based platform with only all natural or organic vendors.

We hope you enjoy our marketplace and our vendors.


 About IveyDale


Why Naturals 4 Naturals? For me (the oldest daughter Amber), it started when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2012.  Diet and stress really impact people with MS.  I could no longer afford to put chemicals into my body and I started changing my diet.  This may sound extreme, but I cut out meat (unless I could go to the farm and buy it), almost all dairy, anything in a can, and all processed foods.  As an alternative, I added more organic, farm-raised, and natural foods to my diet.  Because of my health concerns, I started looking at labels like a hawk.  The sad reality, which many of you already know, is that a lot of our food is extremely toxic.  I was disheartened to see how many ingredients were listed in a food as simple as instant oatmeal.  There should be three ingredients oats, sugar, and cinnamon, but I found over 15.   Checking food labels made me get really serious about checking all labels, including my beauty products.  I begin buying what I thought was natural beauty products until my good friend told me about the best APP in the world ThinkDirty (Think Dirty® empowers and educates the consumer on the cosmetics industry by allowing them to make an informed decision on what products to purchase). Prior to the APP, I had already gotten rid of my deodorant, face washes, and a few other products that had ingredients that could cause cancer.  However, when I got the APP, I tossed EVERYTHING.  No really, EVERYTHING.  I remember going to a local store and using the APP to scan the beauty aisle.  My results:  over 90% of the products had carcinogens (substances capable of causing cancer) listed in their ingredients.  I understood why so many countries ban our food and beauty products from their citizens.  That is when I knew I had to do something, so I started making my own face products and deodorants.

For me (the youngest daughter Brianna aka Bree), it started in 2009 when the infamous Good Hair movie was released.  I went with my mother to view it and immediately came home and cut all my hair off to go natural.  The amount of money spent by women on beauty products that are impacting their health concerned me.  I have very dry hair and small hair shafts, so most products do not work for me.  I began experimenting in the kitchen and creating my own products.  I am anti-chemicals and anything else that can harm the mind or body.  I created Bree Butter as a Shea and essential oil moisturizer.  My sister came to visit one weekend and used the product to add life back to her blowout.  She thought it was a product I bought from the store.  After that, we all realized it was probably time to take our products and share them with other people who are living or want to live the natural lifestyle.

For me (the mom Eartha), to be perfectly honest, I was not into all this natural stuff.  My daughters will tell you, it took me a long time to stop relaxing my hair and even longer to really look at the quality of my food.  I am old school and grew up in a household where my mother went to the backyard to pick vegetables for dinner to go along with a deer my dad had hunted.  So most of my life, I had access to quality food.  As I got older, making bad product choices became easier due to a hectic schedule and the simplicity that comes with grabbing boxed and canned food off the grocery shelf.  My daughters have really pushed me to look at life totally different and to really focus on what goes in and on my body.  I am now focused on putting my best foot forward to live a healthy and holistic life.  As a nurse, I understand the importance of how drugs impact the body and I believe every cure was given through nature by our creator.  So join us as we work to create products that bring out the best you that God meant for you to be.

If you have a natural, organic, or vegan product line and you would like to partner with us, use the contact us button to get more information.