24HR Pit Perfection Deodorant - Mint Mojito

NATURAL Deodorant, Handmade MINT Deodorant Stick. Deodorant for Men & Women. Sensitive Skin. 24HR. Coconut Deodorant Stick.

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Skin Ritual was created to provide safe, natural, non-toxic personal care (deodorant) and skin care (facial care and balms) products that work. After being ... Read More


Product Description

The absolute GAME CHANGER kind of NATURAL deodorant!

Totally natural, Absolutely safe, Spectacularly effective Deodorant up to 24 HRS - in MINT MOJITO

❀ Ultra long-lasting 24 hr odor protection

❀ Formulated with all natural, safe, non-toxic, skin-loving ingredients

❀ Soothing - NO itching, irritation, burning or rashes

❀ Easy, smooth, comfortable application

❀ Unisex


All natural coconut oil (cocos nucifera), baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), non-nano zinc, natural kaolin clay (kaolinite), raw &; pure cocoa seed butter (theobroma cacao), natural filtered beeswax, expeller-pressed sweet almond oil (prunus amygdalus dulcis), natural rice bran oil, 100% freshwater diatomaceous earth (natural silica), candelilla wax (vegetable wax), a proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils and a non-GMO probiotic blend.


Get ready for a GAME CHANGER kind of natural deodorant! Say goodbye to toxic chemicals, harsh ingredients and deodorant that feels like it takes skin off when applying.

Irritation, rashes, skin darkening, painful product application and deodorants that don’t perform well are major obstacles that stand between you wanting to use natural deodorant and being completely satisfied with your deodorant choice.

Skin Ritual has addressed all of these issues with our Pit Perfection Deodorant that is formulated for all skin types. Whether you have extra-sensitive skin or normal skin, enjoy up to 24 hours of odor protection from natural, safe, non-toxic ingredients. Prevent irritation, rashes and skin darkening with soothing ingredients that have been carefully selected and tested for ultimate performance. Our creamy white formula creates an easy, smooth, comfortable application that your skin will love!

Don’t be afraid of making the switch to natural deodorant or switching to one that doesn’t cause nasty side effects. It is our mission to formulate products that are not only healthy and effective, but also products that make you and your skin happy!


"Totally tested it out today. Was walking around San Francisco and my pits are still minty fresh:) LOVE the way the Mint Mojito makes me feel refreshed!"

"The best deodorant on the market!"

"This product is a hidden gem and I predict, in time, the word will get out about this fantastic, artisan, naturally derived deodorant and will be second to none!"

"It's freaking awesome!"

"Works all day and more!"

"Love, love love the lavender deodorant!"

"Smells GREAT, is natural, and works!"

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