How it Works

Heard of Etsy?  We are Naturals4Naturals!

We operate similarly to Etsy except our mission is to be the one stop shop for all things all natural.  We are building a marketplace that allows customers to have confidence that when they #checkthelabel they will only find all natural ingredients.

How are we different from sites like Etsy? 

  • Naturals4Naturals only accepts vendors who sell products that are made from all natural ingredients.  Now you don't have to worry about competing with paintings and vintage bathing suits.

  • Naturals4Naturals does not charge listing fees.  We only charge 10% commission (7% for us and 3% for credit card fees) if your product sells.  Revenue is sent directly to your PayPal account weekly.

  • Naturals4Naturals promotes bloggers and other businesses that are committed to safe products on our homepage.  To get featured contact us here.

And best of all, once you sign up you are joining a community of vendors who value quality products just like you.  


Are you interested?

Sign up as a seller here.